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Healthy And Strong Lives – The Role Of Human Growth Hormones And Its Supplements

Improved strength, greater energy and a well-toned physique – these are but some of the expectations that we, as humans, have in our journey called life. In our effort to achieve these goals and mitigate the effect of aging, we are constantly called upon to reduce fat   and develop consistent healthy habits. These are also, surprisingly, some of the promises that HGH enhancers assure. In other words, HGH products claim to accelerate and strengthen certain critical, natural and vital body processes and thereby improve the quality of life.

Healthy And Strong Lives

Benefits of HGH:

HGH, once secreted remains in the blood for some time allowing liver to absorb it & let it convert into elements of growth factor. The most crucial of all – insulin, which promotes growth in every cell of body. HGH makes the processing of food easier & converts it into energy easier, with which your body feels a vast amount of energy available & gets less tired at the end of the day. HGH is safe for people with deficieny.

Due to its capacity of cell regeneration & modulation, it is used in improving exercise performance of an individual. Usage of HGH helps in faster healing of any wound, regulating healthy bone growth & bone metabolism during fractures.

HGH supplements & restores ones muscle mass, thus avoiding extra body weight in unnecessary places like thighs, waist etc. Right amount of HGH reflects on your skin by making it look more supple & elastic.

Side Effects of HGH Supplements:

While high levels of HGH helps in improving overall body performance, taking supplements & high levels of HGH has some negative effects also. With high levels of HGH, you may feel like taking baby naps, morning aches-just like how you feel after a heavy workout & usually goes away after a few minutes, sudden hunger attacks due to rapid drop of blood sugar are some common side effects. The most dangerous is, increase in generation of cancer cells, if you are already suffering from it.

Some of the other common side effects include swelling of feet, legs hands & arms, which may be treated during treatment or upon decrease in dosage of supplement. Muscle and joint pains, aches, stiffness in feet and hands may also occur which determines after the use of supplements discontinues.

  • A risk towards hyper tension is also associated with supplementing HGH which can lead to cardiovascular diseases.
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is also a likely side effect which causes pain or numbness in wrists & hands and weakness.
  • Some of the supplements are not to be used during pregnancy & breast feeding.
  • HGH is administered by a physician and is helpful in maintaining weight loss in HIV patients.
  • Right amount of HGH is to be given to a patient. Decreased, increased quantity or a continuous intake causes other side effects like breast enlargement in men was seen.
  • Extremely high doses of HGH supplements or prolonged supplements causes enlargement of fingers, bones & organs.

In the previous years, HGH has also been used in cosmetics however, it is not recommended & approved by the government.

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