Best Consumer Brands of Godrej Group

Godrej Group is a family owned company headquartered in India. The company specializes in many sectors including consumer products, real estate, security, furniture, agriculture and many other sectors.

One of the products produced by the Godrej Group is Good Knight which is renowned to provide assured, innovative, and spontaneous ways of getting rid of mosquitoes. Good Knight is presently the best selling mosquito repellent brand in India. The company is working day and night to come up with better ways of protecting families from mosquito bites. Given that there are still instances of dengue and malaria across India and other parts of the world, Godrej’s Good Knight is an ultra-smart and highly relevant solution.

The group produces Fast Card; which is an affordable piece of paper that one just needs to bum and get rid of mosquitoes. Fast Card starts to work within a mere 3 minutes and lasts for more than 4 hours.

Best Consumer Brands of Godrej Group

Xpress is another product from Godrej Group which is a liquid vaporiser that fights mosquitoes more effectively than normal vaporisers.

Godrej’s Low Smoke Coil reduces irritating smoke. These breakthrough innovations have proved to provide an optimal result in eliminating mosquitoes.

Interestingly, Good Knight can be comfortably used by urban dwellers as well as those in the rural settings.

The company is constantly looking for best ways to take advantage of new technology and the non-electrics platform to expand their reach of homes across India.

Another breath-taking brand from the Godrej Group is Cinthol; a 60-year-old deodorant and complexion soap brand that inspires consumers to ditch the stale and embrace a feeling of freshness. This product was launched back in 1952 and since then, it has been widely endorsed for its confidence and freshness.

With intensely alive fragrances and innovative designs, Cinthol has shown to be an incredible grooming brand across deodorants, soaps, shower gels, and talcum powders. Each of Cinthol’s products offers a unique, refreshing and awesome experience.

Godrej Expert

Godrej Expert is India’s highest selling hair colour brand with more than 40 million satisfied users. Experts’ quick, beautiful and ammonia-free hair colours make the complex chore of hair colouring , both fun and easy. This brand has led to the increased popularity of hair colouring. The company is continuously looking for ways to provide their consumers with the best possible benefits out of their products. They offer a rich crème hair colour in pre-measured sachets, a powder hair colour that turns into a gel, conditioners and non-drip formulations or a herbal hair colour fortified with henna and Amla, all at very affordable prices.

Godrej Expert products are quite outstanding in the market. Their crème is enriched with aloe and milk protein conditioning formula. This softens the user’s hair. The crème does not contain ammonia, hence it saves hair from getting damaged.

Additionally, the crème comes in pre-measured sachets meaning one does do not have to conduct calculations. All the ingredients are mixed in the right proportions.

Godrej Typewriter

Godrej Group is a renowned enterprise that is actively committed towards production of high quality typewriters at very reasonable rates. Godrej Group was actually the first company in Asia to manufacture their own Godrej typewriter back in 1955.

This company offers typewriters that are ergonomically designed, comfortable and easy to use. Godrej typewriter is made of resin and has high glossy finishing.

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